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If you’re a teacher at a school in the UK, you can sign up now - Find out how to register here. You can also access our Teacher Support Guide here, complete with guidance and FAQs.

If you’re a student and want to take part, speak to a teacher at your school to get them signed up. You can remind them that it’s free!

If you work for a company that would like to support our work on the Tycoon Enterprise Competition, then please get in touch with us via tycoon@pjfoundation.org

5 Reasons to take part in Tycoon

  1. Free for schools and colleges to take part

  2. Fully resourced, with funding and learning resources provided

  3. Runs twice a year in the Autumn and Spring 

  4. Opportunity to attend Buckingham Palace Final

  5. Four categories with age groups from Primary School to Sixth Form

About the Peter Jones Foundation

The Peter Jones Foundation was founded in 2005 by successful entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den, Peter Jones CBE. We believe that with the right mix of support and opportunity, every young person has the potential to achieve great things and the right to a brighter future. We run a range of successful programmes that support young people around the world. To achieve our aims we deliver world-class enterprise education programmes, including our hugely successful Tycoon Enterprise Competition and the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. For further information on all of our programmes, please visit www.peterjonesfoundation.org

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Praise for Tycoon

"Tycoon is the best thing I've ever done"

Student at Example School

Past Winners

  • Boo's Bits and Bobs
    Overall Winner 2012

  • Funnelling 4 Fuel

    Overall Winner 2013

  • Retro Cycle and Ethical Print
    Overall Winner 2014

  • Tyre Fires of Tavistock
    Overall Winner 2015

  • Lease 2 Learn

    Overall Winner 2016

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